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Your dogs country retreat

We offer Boarding and Day time visits. 


Dogs will spend the majority of their time out doors socializing with others and taking in the peaceful country side. We provide plenty of mental enrichment for your dogs during inclement weather. Including puzzle games and stuffed frozen Kongs. 

Dogs are privately kenneled for breaks, to eat and to sleep at night. We use free standing kennels and crates, depending on where your dog is most comfortable at. We do not believe in keeping dogs kenneled for long periods of time. We want them active during the day!

Dogs are evaluated prior to socializing with others. Our play groups are kept small and are monitored for behavior and comfort. 

All dogs must be social with others in order to board with us. Ask about our trial day.

It is very important that your dog is able to settle in and rest. Rest is just as important for your dogs mental and physical health as exercise and socialization is.

We do not accept dog or human aggressive dogs. Excessive barking, and bullying behaviors are considered disruptive behaviors. 

We reserve the right to refuse service or change rates.

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