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Policy and Rules

The Lazy Dog is a boarding retreat for social dogs. By signing the enrollment forms, you agree and certify that your dog is not human or dog aggressive. Human or dog aggressive dogs, deemed
by The Lazy Dog will not be permitted to board again in the future. We do not offer discounts or packages. 

Check in and Check out is by appointment only. We require a 1hour notice prior to dropping off and picking up. Upon arrival, wait in your vehicle and text or call when you are in the driveway. Do not walk around the property. Do not approach the gated areas until instructed. This is for the safety of all dogs. 

Check in and Check out is between 7 AM - 10 AM. On your departure day, there is no additional fee if you pick up by 10 AM. After 10 AM there is an additional fee of $5 per hour, per dog up until 6PM. There is no check in or check outs on Holidays. 

Reservations are required in advance. In order to provide each dog the highest level of quality care, space is
limited. This is to ensure that each dog gets personalized attention and that they have a peaceful, quiet and stress-free stay.

● Dogs who exhibit escape behaviors such as attempting to jump the fence or dig underneath it will not be permitted to board again. Our fences are 5 feet.
● A flat collar with an ID tag must be provided. Collars come off at night.
● Dogs are either in a free standing 4x4 kennel or a crate for breaks and in the evening. Dogs must be able to settle in quietly at night.
● Dogs do not leave the fenced in areas. 

Payment methods
Cash or Check. You will be charged for your dog’s entire stay upon pick up.

Photos and videos of your dogs will be posted on our social media pages. You may always call or text for an update. 

What we need

Please have enrollment forms filled out and a copy of your dogs vaccine records sent to us prior to your boarding date. Vaccine records for ALL dogs living or being fostered in your household are required, even if they are not boarding with us. The following are vaccines that we require.​


  • Bordetella


  • Rabies

  • Canine Influenza H3N2 /H3N8.

  • Flea & Heartworm preventative. No flea collars.

  • All dogs must be spayed or neutered.

  • Puppies must be 5 months of age or older to attend.

Your dog must have a collar and an ID tag on. Collars come off at night when dogs are kenneled for the evening. Depending on play styles, collars may be off during play groups. This is to ensure the safety of the dogs. 

Any medication needs to be brought in its original container. 

Because dogs get more activity here than what they may get at home, its recommended to give a larger feeding portion to accommodate their activity level. It is helpful if you pre-bag your dog's meals.

Do not bring toys, bones, bowls or beds. Your dog's food, treats and medication is all they need. Let us know if your dog is not able to have bedding or blankets due to chewing. 

Add On Services

  • Bath $15

  • Nail Trim $15

  • Fromm Dog Food $5 per day.

  • Stuffed frozen Kong. $3 per Kong.

Kongs are stuffed with Organic pumpkin, Plain Greek Yogurt, Peanut butter and other dog friendly goodies! 

For the safety of your dog and others, please remain in your vehicle. Do not walk your dog around the property. Text us when you have arrived and we will be out to retrieve your dog.


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